Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Enhance your understanding of human behavior and sharpen your knowledge of the criminal justice system.

Get a competitive edge with this highly ranked criminal justice program.

Are you a born leader with an inquisitive mind and a knack for solving problems? Do you hold yourself and others to high ethical standards? Are you willing to work hard for what you believe in? If so, you can find success through PennWest’s online bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice.

The B.S. in Criminal Justice goes beyond vocational training to enhance your understanding of human behavior and sharpen your knowledge of the major functions and operations of the criminal justice system.

Energetic faculty with extensive career experience will guide you through the fundamentals of law enforcement, courts and corrections. At the same time, they will help you hone your critical thinking as well as oral and written communications skills and gain insight into the value of statistics, research and ethics.

You’ll have the opportunity to narrow your focus through coursework in seven different concentrations, and connect with industry professionals through networking events, job shadowing, internship and job fairs and organizational visits.

As you pursue your degree, you will become well-prepared for leadership positions in various justice-related fields or go on for further studies in law or graduate school.

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Credits: 120

Julie Warnick


Core courses provide a solid foundation to specific content areas identified by the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences.


Concentrations that lead to rewarding career opportunities.

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Criminal Justice (no concentration)
Forensic Investigation and Cyber Forensics
Homeland and International Security
California In-Person
Law and Justice
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Forensic Investigation and Cyber Forensics
Homeland and International Security
Law and Justice

Careers and Salaries

What Can I Do with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice?

Follow your passion and you will find success in any number of careers. Some of our alumni work in law enforcement, state police agencies and correctional facilities. Others find employment in related fields such as victim-witness services, rape crisis center, counseling and medical/forensic examiners’ office. Still others head to the military or private security firms, or further their education in graduate school.

Program Outcomes

  1. Discuss and apply major discipline-specific concepts, techniques, theories, policies, practices, and ethical principles to real-world situations related to criminal justice, criminology, and the student’s chosen occupation.
  2. Examine current issues impacting the various branches of the American Criminal Justice System, develop solutions to overcome the issues, and use analytical and critical reasoning to defend the solutions.
  3. Recognize the importance of ethical behavior and respect for those with diverse backgrounds and demonstrate inclusiveness in applying these principles to real-world situations related to the criminal justice system.
  4. Apply quantitative, scientific, and analytical reasoning to draw and support conclusions related to criminological theory, research, policy, and application of law.
  5. Use technology ethically and efficiently to identify and assess the validity and credibility of criminal justice/criminological sources of information and clearly and effectively communicate information.

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