Three legacies. Two centuries.
One mission.

We are harnessing the strengths of California, Clarion and Edinboro universities to build a better university. 
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Welcome to Pennsylvania Western University.

Pennsylvania Western University (PennWest for short) is western Pennsylvania's second largest university. Composed of three sister institutions that are steeped in history, tradition and academic excellence, it embodies the best of the past and the promise of the future.

We invite you to join us.

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Academics at Pennsylvania Western University
Choose the program that interests you and the schedule that works for your personal and professional life.
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Academics at PennWest

It’s an exciting time to be at PennWest. Together, our campus brings you experienced faculty from multiple campuses and a program array that allows you to tailor your education just for you.


Take advantage of our expanded array of programs, the chance to take specialized electives within your major, add minors that add value to your degree, and study with an expert professor who might be located on another campus.


Join us as we combine our strengths to make higher education more meaningful, more focused and more affordable. Our goal: your success, both now and in the future.


Choose the educational model that suits you best, whether it’s in-person, online or a hybrid format. Enjoy access to a broader assortment of internships, resources and mentoring experiences from faculty and industry professionals.

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Three Unique Campus Experiences
As an online student, you will not pay fees for on-campus services and, in many cases, are eligible for a competitive, non-resident tuition rate.

Three Unique Campus Experiences

At PennWest, you can choose from three unique campuses, each nestled in a picturesque, vibrant town. Choose a lakeside community or one sprawling along a river’s bend.  Although each campus is distinctly different, they share a common goal of offering you the best educational and life experience, both in and out of the classroom.

Better together.
Be part of PennWest.