Bachelor’s in Communication

Prepare for a dynamic career in a high-demand field with a bachelor’s degree in communication from PennWest University.

You’ll gain a professional advantage as you acquire soft skills, technical skills and knowledge through PennWest’s well-rounded curriculum.

If you enjoy using words and images to convey information and ideas, a world of opportunity awaits you at PennWest University.

Our newly revised B.S. in Communication combines elements of digital media, journalism and public relations, advertising and corporate communications to create an educational experience that’s tailored to your individual career goals.

Choose to follow a general Communication program or select the Digital Media or Strategic Communication concentration.

In all cases, you will work under the guidance of expert faculty with extensive experience across various communication fields. You’ll learn how to make powerful, effective presentations, write for a variety of applications, and think about designing messages and images that will reach diverse audiences.

Our highly customizable curriculum allows you to explore a broad range of courses related to effective communication and theories of human communication, along with specialized courses in media foundations, writing, audio and video production, organizational communication and public relations.

You’ll be part of a vibrant, collaborative community of learners and have many opportunities to participate in student organizations that will enhance your leadership skills and build a professional network. Students may opt to engage in faculty-led research and practical experiences, integrating their major skills throughout their undergraduate experience.  The B.S in Communication at PennWest allows you to take charge in personalizing a degree program that meets your career goals.

You’ll graduate ready to hit the ground running in a variety of job roles or further your education with a graduate degree.

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Credits: 120

Sean Madden


Median annual wage for media and communications occupations in May 2021, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Gain real-world experience that helps you focus on a specific field and often leads to job offers.

On-campus Resources

Up-to-date production studio spaces and editing suites, including FCC-licensed radio and TV stations, provide fun and interesting ways to hone your talents.

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Digital Media
Strategic Communication
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Digital Media
Strategic Communication

Careers and Salaries

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in media and communication is projected to grow 6 percent from now until 2031. This is expected to result in about 115,800 openings each year, with a higher median annual wage than most other occupations.

Graduates of the PennWest communication degree program are employed by leading organizations such as the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, Phipps Botanical Gardens, Blue Cross Blue Shield, USA Today, FOX 5 DC, as well as public relations agencies and other communication firms.

In addition, many alumni go on to graduate study at institutions such as West Virginia University, University of Pittsburgh, Ohio University, Penn State, Delaware University and Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Program Outcomes

  1. Use oral communication to inform, direct, persuade and inspire others.
  2. Apply research and analysis skills to write in forms and styles for communication professions, audiences and purposes they serve.
  3. Integrate and apply practical communication skills and knowledge in critical thinking and creative problem-solving.
  4. Design aesthetically pleasing and socially responsible media productions that integrate the latest technologies.
  5. Practice effective and ethical communication in a diverse global society

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