Educational Specialist in School Psychology (Ed.S.)

Unlock children’s full potential with a career as a school psychologist.

This innovative master’s plus post-master’s certificate program offers you the flexibility you need to become a certified school psychologist in Pennsylvania and elsewhere.

The first 30-credits of this 3-year program results in a  M.Ed. in school psychology. Then candidates continue on with the Ed.S. in school psychology.  Once the Ed.S. is earned, candidates are eligible to apply for certification as a school psychologist.

The PennWest School Psychology Program is fully approved by the PA Department of Education and accredited by the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP).

Hailed nationally for its innovation and flexibility, this program offers candidates a choice of 2 modalities. The hybrid model at PennWest Edinboro campus consists of mostly online classes, a field placement for a year-long practicum experience, plus five face-to-face classes that meet monthly on Saturdays. This may appeal to candidates seeking recertification who are not available for M-H night classes or to school psychology candidates who want more flexibility.

The face-to-face modality at PennWest California campus is more traditional in nature, with the same online offerings as the Edinboro campus, but with weeknight face-to-face courses in place of the Saturday courses.  The practicum component is connected to California’s on-site clinic, so a formal, year-long field placement is not necessary.

Either way, you’re well-prepared for a career as a school psychologist.

All coursework is taught by faculty with doctoral degrees in School Psychology and extensive experience in the field. Using a scientist-practitioner model of training, they share their expertise and help you understand how to use evidence-based practices for instruction, mental health and crisis intervention and special education services.

You will graduate ready to assume a leadership role in the schools and fill a growing need in your community as a certified school psychologist.

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Top Accreditation

Approved by the PA Department of Education and accredited by the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP).

Intensive Internship

All candidates must complete a 1200 clock-hour internship.

Flexible Format

Most classes are offered online with options for weekly face to face or monthly face to face Saturday classes (hybrid).

Fast Facts


According to U.S. News & World Report, the average salary of a school psychologist is higher than many other social service jobs with the educational system.



M.Ed School Psychology : 30 credits
Ed.S School Psychology: 37 credits


Face-to-face and hybrid





Graduate Admissions

Careers and Salaries

Fill a growing need.

The Research Committee of the National Association of School Psychologists predicts an ongoing national shortage in school psychologists. Fill this important role and make a difference in students' lives with a graduate certificate in School Psychology from PennWest University.

Graduate Outcomes

  1. Outcome 1/ NASP Domain 1: Data-Based Decision-Making
    School psychologists have knowledge of and demonstrate competence in varied models and methods of assessment and data collection for identifying strengths and needs, developing effective services and programs, and measuring progress and outcomes.
  2. Outcome 2/NASP Domain 2: Consultation and Collaboration
    School psychologists demonstrate knowledge and competence in varied models and strategies of consultation, collaboration and communication applicable to individuals, families, groups and systems and methods to promote effective implementation of services.
  3. Outcome 3/NASP Domain 3: Academic Interventions and Instructional Supports
    School psychologists demonstrate knowledge and competence in biological, cultural and social influences on academic skills; human learning, cognitive, and developmental processes; and evidence-based curricula and instructional strategies.
  4. Outcome 4/NASP Domain 4 Mental Health and Behavioral Health Services and Interventions
    School psychologists demonstrate knowledge and competence in biological, cultural, developmental and social influences on behavior and mental health, behavioral and emotional impacts on learning and life skills, and evidence-based strategies to promote social-emotional functioning and mental health.
  5. Outcome 5/NASP Domain 5: School-Wide Practices to Promote Learning
    School psychologists demonstrate knowledge and competence in school and systems structure, organization, and theory; general and special education; technology resources; and evidence-based school practices that promote learning and mental health.
  6. Outcome 6/ NASP Domain 6: Services to Promote Safe and Supportive Schools
    School psychologists demonstrate knowledge and competence in principles and research related to resilience and risk factors in learning and mental health, services in schools and communities to support multi-tiered prevention, and evidence-based strategies for effective crisis response.
  7. Outcome 7/NASP Domain 7: Family-School and Community Collaboration
    School psychologists demonstrate knowledge and competence in principles and research related to family systems, strengths, needs and culture; evidence-based strategies to support family influences on children’s learning and mental health; and strategies to develop collaboration between families and schools.
  8. Outcome 8/NASP Domain 8: Equitable Practices for Diverse Student Populations
    School psychologists demonstrate knowledge and competence in individual differences, abilities, disabilities and other diverse student characteristics; principles and research related to diversity factors for children, families and schools, including factors related to culture, context and individual and role difference; and evidence-based strategies to enhance services and address potential influences related to diversity.
  9. Objective 9/NASP Domain 9: Research and Evidence-Based Practice
    School psychologists demonstrate knowledge and competence in research design, statistics, measurement, varied data collection and analysis techniques, and program evaluation sufficient for understanding research and interpreting data in applied settings.
  10. Outcome 10/Domain 10: Legal, Ethical and Professional Practice
    School psychologists demonstrate knowledge and competence in the history and foundations of school psychology; multiple service models and methods; ethical, legal and professional standards; and other factors related to professional identity and effective practice as school psychologists.

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution 
  • Cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or greater 
  • General GRE scores  (Edinboro Campus Only)
  • Autobiographical Essay 
  • Two recommendations 
  • Resume
  • Priority application deadline for fall admission is February 15th; faculty will continue to review applications until all seats are full.

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