Venango Campus Transition

Cultural and economic growth in Venango County will get a boost under a plan developed by the Oil Region Alliance of Business, Industry and Tourism and Pennsylvania Western University Clarion for the university’s Venango property.

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The PennWest associate degree in nursing would move to PennWest Clarion beginning in fall 2024, pending approval from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, the accrediting body for PennWest. Students in their second year will finish their degree at Venango and gradate in May. First-year students will transition to the Clarion campus.


Current students can contact Craig Coleman, Associate Dean College of Health Sciences and Human Services.

Prospective students can contact Casey Beightol, Associate Director of Admissions.

Current Student FAQs

Will I need to pay more in fees on the PennWest Clarion Campus?
Will I have access to on-campus healthcare if I attend PennWest Clarion?
Will students have access to the counseling center and wellness services at PennWest Clarion?
Am I able to live on campus at PennWest Clarion? What options are available?
Where can I learn about on-campus dining options and meal plans?
Is there someone I can contact for more information?
Can I get involved in campus activities and student organizations at PennWest Clarion?
Will my current scholarships transfer to another campus?

ASN Program FAQs

I am a second year ASN student.  How does this move impact me?
I am a first year ASN student.   How does this move impact me?
I am starting the ASN program in the Fall of 2024.  How does this move impact me?
Where will the ASN clinicals be offered?
Are there other opportunities that were not available at the Venango campus that will be available to ASN students at the PennWest Clarion campus?
Will students still have access to the skills and simulation labs?
Who will be teaching the courses in the ASN program?

Prospective Student FAQs

Where can I study to earn an Associate of Science in Nursing degree?
How can I apply to the ASN program at Clarion or Somerset?
What if I've been accepted at Venango for this fall?
Would I qualify for any other scholarships?
Is there someone I can talk to about my admission to the ASN program?

Venango County, Oil City Region FAQs

Why is PennWest transferring the site to the Oil Region Alliance?
What will happen to the facilities?
I am a donor to the campus, what will happen to my gifts?
My organization currently rents space on the campus, is that still possible?

Employee FAQs

Will there be layoffs or position eliminations?
Will positions be absorbed in to other PennWest campuses?
Who do I contact if I have any questions?