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Quality education. Affordable prices.

PennWest understands the financial burden of pursuing a college degree. That's why we're dedicated to making sure it's your most valuable investment.

Each year, we award $14 million in scholarships to aid our students. Our counselors will help you explore scholarship opportunities, grants and other aid resources to ensure we develop the most comprehensive aid offer possible.

We know how hard you work to pay for college; that's why we work just as hard to make it affordable and valuable for you.

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For information on the Biden-Harris Administration's student debt relief plan and to sign-up to receive notifications and alerts, visit One-Time Student Loan Debt Relief (

Learn more about tuition and aid at one of our campus websites:

Frequently Asked Questions

Aug. 3, 2022
Below are answers to some common questions related to the financial aid process at PennWest:

Q. When I enter the my.pennwest portal, I receive a message that I should complete entrance counseling. I’ve already done that, why am I receiving this message?
Q. I previously completed my MPN for Federal Direct Loans, am I required to complete it again for PennWest?
Q. I’ve answered the questions in the Financial Aid session of the portal, but there’s no indication that I’ve satisfied this requirement. Did I do something wrong?
Q. When will my summer Federal Aid be disbursed? It’s later than usual.
Q. When will my fall Federal Aid be disbursed?
Q. I have not yet received my financial aid package for the fall/spring semesters. When can I expect it?
Q. I have private loans. How will the transition to PennWestaffect them?
Q. What can you tell me about Parent PLUS and Grad PLUS Loans?
Q. Is the Cost of Attendance listed on the my.pennwest portal my bill?
Q. I can't find my campus at to complete my entrance counseling or MPN. What do I do?
Additional Important Details