Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education, working with the State System Foundation, has taken a major step to help prevent dropout among at-risk students by launching the Keystone Extraordinary Emergency Program (KEEP).

KEEP is money when you need it.

Join Jade Smith, KEEP program coordinator, at noon on Wednesday, March 22 for an interactive experience to learn about the program's benefits to students.

– 60% of people do not have enough money saved to cover $1,000 or more for an unexpected financial emergency.

– 3 million students drop out annually due to financial reasons of less than $1,000.

– 3 out of 5 college students experience basic needs insecurities. This means you or someone you know likely needs help.

Employees and students coming together to learn about KEEP can help to spread the message across campus and ensure that we can reach all students in need. Spreading the word about KEEP can mean the difference between a student dropping out or being able to stay enrolled and graduate.

This presentation will be an interactive experience, open to all students and employees, providing an opportunity for an in-depth Q&A.