Advance Your Journey This Summer at PennWest

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Subjects include the arts, sciences, business, healthcare, education, exercise science and sport management, and much more.

Why Summer at PennWest is Your Perfect Start

Embarking on your college journey at Pennsylvania Western University during the summer sets the stage for an exceptional educational experience that stands out in many ways. It's not just about getting ahead academically; it's about immersing yourself in a community that believes in empowering dreams and shaping futures together.

Dive Into a Dynamic Community Early

Starting in the summer means you'll be part of our vibrant community even sooner. PennWest is more than an institution—it's a dynamic hub where innovation meets individual potential. This is your chance to connect, explore, and find your place in our supportive environment before the fall rush.

A Smooth Transition to College Life

Ease into college life at a gentler pace during the summer. With fewer students on campus, you'll get a head start on making meaningful connections with faculty and peers. It's the perfect time to familiarize yourself with campus resources, setting you up for success when the full academic year begins.

Accelerate Your Academic Progress

By starting your education in the summer, you're not just beginning your journey earlier—you're also opening up opportunities to accelerate your academic progress. Dive into our diverse array of over 100 degree programs and gain a competitive edge, whether you're aiming for early graduation or exploring a wider breadth of subjects.

Maximize Your Investment

PennWest is committed to offering an exceptional education at incredible value. Beginning in the summer allows you to make the most of this investment, with access to the same quality instruction, personalized support, and rich campus life that define the PennWest experience.

Be Prepared for Today and Tomorrow

Our purpose-built programs are designed to equip you with skills for immediate success and future challenges. Starting in the summer gives you a head start on this journey of preparation, ensuring you're ready to meet the demands of tomorrow's job market with confidence.

Visiting Students for Summer Courses

Are you a student currently enrolled at a State System of Higher Education university? Summer at Pennsylvania Western University offers a unique opportunity for visiting students to engage in our diverse and vibrant educational community. Whether you're looking to get ahead, explore new academic interests, or simply experience the exceptional environment and teaching PennWest is known for, our summer courses are designed to meet your needs.

As a visiting student, you'll gain access to a wide range of subjects and the chance to learn from renowned faculty, all while enjoying the supportive and uplifting atmosphere of our campuses. It's a perfect way to make the most of your summer, earning credits that can transfer back to your home institution, and experiencing firsthand the blend of tradition and innovation that defines a PennWest education.

Join us this summer and take a step towards broadening your academic horizons in a community that values individual potential and collective progress.