Register. Make a plan. Take the Pledge. Vote.

Before Election Day arrives in November, PennWest encourages you to ensure that your voter registration is up to date with your current address.

With the impact of COVID-19, it is possible that your registration may need to be updated to reflect the address where you are currently residing and not where you originally registered to vote.

Pennsylvania Western University created custom campus voter registration portals for students to register and prepare for the upcoming election. You can also find links to voter ID laws, election protection services and voter eligibility regulations.

Here are All in To Vote pages for each campus:

PennWest – California:

PennWest – Clarion:

PennWest – Edinboro:

Voting is one crucial way to take responsibility for the future of the PennWest community, our states, and our nation. This form will help you to take the first step in ensuring your participation in every election.