During the week of Feb. 15-22, faculty members at PennWest will be providing all undergraduate and graduate students updates and information on their current grades for individual courses.

Updates will be complete through progress surveys in the campus Starfish databases. During this time, faculty will provide either kudos for positive grades to date or flags for potential deficit grades. Students will receive this information through Starfish and email.

The following sections contain academic support options for undergraduate students:


How to make a peer tutoring or writing center appointment:

1. Log into Starfish in MyPennWest 2. Click the three-bar menu and select "Courses." 3. Look for a Peer Tutoring service card. 4. Click "Schedule Appointment." 5. Attend your tutoring session in person or on Zoom.
1. Log into Starfish in MyPennWest 2. Click the three-bar menu and select "Courses." 3. Find "Writing Support". 4. Click "Schedule Appointment." 5. Attend your writing support session in person or on Zoom.

Students can access tutoring in the following locations in person:

California tutoring and writing support – 110 Noss Hall

Clarion tutoring – 321 Becht Hall

Clarion writing support – 312 Becht Hall

Edinboro tutoring: Check Starfish

Edinboro writing support – 221 Alexander Music Hall

Smarthinking 24/7 online tutoring is also available to all students:  Log into D2L – University Resources – Smarthinking Tutoring

Success Coaching

This document includes instructions on how to access academic resources such as tutoring, Smarthinking 24/7, writing support and the raise your hand feature in Starfish.

Students can also schedule an appointment with one of PennWest’s success coaches to discuss a variety of topics that can help them become an engaged and skilled learner. Here, students can learn the academic skills that will allow them to set goals, achieve academic success and become the architect of their own future.

This document includes instructions on how a student can schedule an appointment with a success coach. Meetings are available both in person and through Zoom.

Students looking to improve in areas such as time management, note-taking, stress management and more should consider register for one of PennWest’s Success Workshops.

Supplemental Instruction

Tyton Brunner | Noss Hall 112 or brunner@pennwest.edu

Supplemental Instruction on Starfish

How to Access SI in Starfish


Virtual Sessions: 

SI Zoom Access

SI Zoom Access 2

Benefits to Students

Sessions promote and model effective study strategies.

Proactive approach is inclusive and unintimidating.

Provides an opportunity for students to make vital connections with classmates.

Elevates learning skills for success in future courses.

Encourages students to become strong, independent thinkers.

Adheres to multiple learning styles during sessions.