PennWest California and PennWest Clarion have made Abound’s list for 100 Best Online Colleges for 2022.

“We are proud to once again to see PennWest’s online programs ranked highly by such prestigious organizations as Abound. This is indicative of PennWest’s commitment to providing high quality, yet flexible online programs to our students and the region, while also supporting faculty’s online innovation and engagement,” said Erinn Lake, senior vice president for Strategic Enrollment and Global Online Advancement.

Abound has an unorthodox approach to evaluating schools, in that it does not rank them.

“Abound does not rank our schools; rather, we measure them based on a rigorous review of their qualities as individual institutions. The schools in our cohort are those that we found to excel in what they do best with the understanding that every non-traditional student will have different needs. It’s not about finding the “best” school — it’s about finding the best fit, the one that will help them achieve their personal goals.”

Abound recognizes schools by state and encourages all students “to look at how schools meet what we call the Four As: Accessibility, Affordability, Acceleration and Advancement.”

Faculty – not teaching assistants – from California, Clarion and Edinboro campuses provide rich content and engaging discussions to ensure the degree students receive is the same quality as the one offered at our brick-and-mortar institutions. Students can count on them for mentorship and advice as they work toward their educational goals. Supported by state-of-the-art instructional design services and access to the latest online learning technologies, PennWest’s online faculty are dedicated to student success.