“ANGLE,” a documentary about professional wrestler, Olympic gold medalist and former Clarion Golden Eagles wrestler Kurt Angle, will be available for streaming on Peacock, beginning Sept. 2.

“When I was growing up, Kurt was my favorite WWE superstar,” said director Alex Perry of his interest in Angle’s story. “When I found out that his WWE gimmick was based on his real-life story of his pre-WWE years – specifically, winning a gold medal with a ‘broken freakin' neck’ – I found that story to be incredibly fertile ground to explore.”

After making a comedy video with Angle in 2012, “Olympic Trials with Kurt Angle” for Funny or Die, Perry and Angle struck up a friendship and eventually decided to embark on this documentary together. They made the film independently over two years' time, and, when complete, it was acquired by WWE and Peacock. “ANGLE” is Perry’s feature film directorial debut. Ross Dinerstein, whose company produces a handful of documentaries per year, is producer. 

Kurt Angle and Coach Bob Bubb

Unlike previous pieces on Angle, this film focuses much more on his pre-WWE years, mainly focusing on his ascent to Olympic gold in 1996, including his time wrestling for Clarion. The film includes interviews with Angle, Dwayne Johnson, Rhonda Rousey and Clarion’s own Bob Bubb, 26-year head coach of Golden Eagles wrestling, who coached Angle to two NCAA championships, in 1990 and 1992.

“Kurt's entire life is about resilience and overcoming pain, whether that be physical pain through his broken necks (among many other injuries), mental pain through the opioid addiction he overcame (he took 65 vicodin a day at the peak), or emotional pain through multiple family tragedies,” Perry said. “His example of resilience is one that is extraordinarily worthy of documentary, and I hope that his story will inspire many for years to come.”