Dear Members of the PennWest Community,

Our concern and sympathy are with our colleagues and peers at Michigan State University following Monday’s horrific shooting. We are saddened by this senseless violence and extend healing thoughts to the victims undergoing treatment, the friends and families mourning those who were lost and all others impacted by this senseless violence.

We are continually focused on ensuring the effectiveness of our safety and emergency response capabilities. As part of that collaborative work, we want to make sure that everyone at PennWest is aware of the following emergency procedures and safety resources.

Emergency Procedures and Alerts

Campus-specific emergency procedures are available at the links below. You are encouraged to review the information and, if you have not done so already, to sign up for campus emergency alerts at

Emergency Procedures – California
Emergency Procedures – Clarion
Emergency Procedures – Edinboro

Concerning Behavior

In the event of an emergency or if there is an immediate concern or threat to individual or campus safety, please contact campus police:

PennWest California: 724-938-4299
PennWest Clarion: 814-393-2111
PennWest Edinboro: 814-732-2911

The Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) is an interdisciplinary alliance that was formed to assist students who are at risk socially or mentally. Complete the online referral form if you have a concern regarding an individual’s behavior.

BIT Referral Form - California
BIT Referral Form - Clarion
BIT Referral Form – Edinboro

Support for one another is especially important as our nation works through the natural emotions that follow such a sad and disturbing event.  Now and in the days ahead, please join me in keeping the Michigan State community in our thoughts.