Under the direction of Dr. Heather T. Snyder, four undergraduate psychology interns have collectively completed 1,800 hours of community service during their fall 2023 internship.

The Department of Psychology, Counseling and Art Therapy at PennWest Edinboro recently announced that Margaret Anderson, Matthew Chizmar, Clara Enterline and Sarah Stevens have completed 12-credit internship towards their undergraduate degree requirements.

Undergraduate internships in psychology are typically undertaken by students following their junior year. Internships provide students with an opportunity to obtain professional work experience in a variety of settings in the field of psychology.

Anderson completed her internship at Edinboro Elementary School in the General McLane School District under supervisor Dr. Jennifer Hardy. After her bachelor’s degree, she hops to pursue a master’s degree in school psychology.

“My internship at Edinboro Elementary has been so enjoyable and provided me with many hands-on opportunities to learn about school psychology,” she said.

While interning at Elk Valley Elementary School in the Girard School District, Chizmar learned under the supervision of school psychologists Rachel Converse and Steffani Stauffer. He plans to pursue a master’s degree in school psychology or counseling.

“The amount of real-world experience that I have gained over the last few months has far exceeded my wildest expectations and has been far more enlightening than any book or lecture,” he said.

Enterline completed a school psychology internship in the Fort LeBeouf School District, under the supervision of Becky Goetz. After graduation, she hopes to obtain a master’s degree in clinical counseling.

“There is always more to be learned and to grow in the pursuit of helping others,” she said.

Stevens completed their internship at the Crime Victim Center of Erie County under the supervision of co-assistant director Amy Blackman. They hope to continue working at the center while they pursue a master’s degree.

“Through my experience here, I gained a better understanding of the type of career that’s most suited for me,” they said.

Photo: Clockwise from top-left – Margaret Anderson, Matthew Chizmar, Clara Enterline and Sarah Stevens