The Edinboro University Foundation is helping PennWest faculty members remain at the forefront of their respective fields through its Faculty Grant to Support Scholarly Activity program.

Since 2021, the foundation has awarded nearly $17,000 in support of faculty scholarship and professional development. Faculty members can apply for up to $1,000 to be used toward research or scholarly projects and materials – including equipment, professional travel or scholarly conferences.

“Our talented faculty members add depth and energy to their classrooms by conducting groundbreaking research and engaging with peers at local, national and international academic conferences,” said Dr. Mary Paniccia Carden, dean of PennWest’s College of Education, Arts, and Humanities. “The Edinboro University Foundation continues to be a great partner in our work to provide PennWest students with rich, impactful learning experiences.”

Representatives from PennWest’s Center for Faculty Excellence assist in reviewing applications and project proposals, followed by a committee review through the Edinboro University Foundation.

“Whether continuing to develop a current line of scholarly activity or branching out to a new area, our students directly benefit from the knowledge and experience faculty bring to the classroom from engaging in this type of work,” said Dr. Ron Craig, director of Edinboro’s Center for Faculty Excellence and a professor in the Department of Psychology, Counseling, and Art Therapy. “To provide a world-class educational experience, faculty must remain current in their discipline. One way faculty can stay cutting-edge is to engage in the types of scholarly activities this grant supports.”

Grants were awarded to the following faculty in the 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 academic years:

  • Dr. Dolly Crawford, assistant professor in the Department of Biology, Earth and Environmental Sciences, executed a species distribution model project.
  • Professor Karen Ernst, who has taught woodworking and furniture design at the Edinboro campus since 2004, participated in the May 2023 Frogwood Artists' Collaborative in Camp Colton, Oregon. The weeklong event allowed her to collaborate with and draw inspiration from a diverse community of international artists.
  • Dr. Julaine Field, chairperson, CACREP liaison and associate professor in the Psychology, Counseling, and Art Therapy Department, presented a 90-minute session, “Guiding the Way: School Counselors Facilitating Trauma-Informed Transformations,” at the 2023 American Counseling Association Conference in Toronto.
  • Dr. Wayne Hawley, a professor in PennWest’s Psychology, Counseling, and Art Therapy Department, conducted research on impulsivity and risk tolerance in sexual decision making.
  • Dr. Peter Lindeman, a professor of biology at the Edinboro campus since 1999, studied regional species of river turtles in South Carolina, Illinois and Georgia. His ongoing research is focused on the ecology, evolution, life history and conservation biology of freshwater turtles.
  • Dr. Sheila Lorenzo de la Pena, an assistant professor in PennWest’s Psychology, Counseling, and Art Therapy Department and undergraduate coordinator for Art Therapy, purchased cameras to enhance distance learning experiences for students.
  • Derek Witucki, assistant professor in the Department of Visual and Performing Arts, purchased an Apple Mac Mini for use in exploration of AI artwork as a medium/tool.
  • Dr. Roger Wolbert, a faculty member in the Department of Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics, attended the 2023 Annual Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators Conference in New Orleans to further his research on diversity, equity and inclusion, instructional modalities and student recruitment.
  • Dr. Andrea Wyman, a faculty member and research services librarian, advocated for library access for individuals in the justice system.
  • Dr. Elisabeth Joyce, a professor in the Department of English, Philosophy, and Modern Languages Department and faculty liaison for Continuous Program Improvement, attended the Computational Literary Studies Infrastructure Training School at Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia in Madrid. The training focused on the use of digital tools to study, analyze and synthesize text.

The Edinboro University Foundation was founded in 1998 to support the mission of Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, now PennWest Edinboro, through the cultivation and management of gifts, grants and other resources for the benefit of the students and faculty.

The deadline for submitting funding applications is March 11, 2024. For more information about applying for support from the fund, please contact Dr. Ronald Craig, Center for Faculty Excellence,