Club Smile at PennWest Clarion will have its annual Small Walk for Big Smiles April 23, outside of Keeling Speech and Hearing Clinic. The walk raises money for Operation Smile, a nonprofit organization that provides life-changing surgeries to children born with cleft lip and palate in developing countries.

“In Club Smile’s 2022 Small Walk for Big Smiles, we raised over $600. With these generous donations, we were able to provide repair surgeries for three children with cleft lip and palate, changing their lives forever,” said Michaela Armanini, co-chair of the walk.

In conjunction with Small Walk for Big Smiles, the club is conducting a T-shirt fundraiser. Those who want to support Club Smile’s mission can click here to register for the walk, purchase a T-shirt, or both.

In-person registration begins at 12:30 p.m. the day of the walk. The walk begins at 1 p.m. at Keeling. The route goes past Eagle Commons, turns left at Becht Hall, loops around the campus apple, then passes Gemmell to return to Keeling.