The mission of the Inclusive Community Assessment Team is to provide an opportunity for students, faculty and staff to be heard and supported. The fundamental role of the Inclusive Community Assessment Team is to respond to reports of bias incidents and hate speech. The team will provide services to witnesses, bystanders, targeted individuals, offenders, or members of the community in order to create change in a timely, effective, and comprehensive way. The Assessment Team will play an educational role in helping to cultivate the community values of inclusion, civility, and mutual respect.

It is not the purpose of the Inclusive Community Assessment Team to investigate, arbitrate, or take the place of other college processes or services; rather, the intention is to complement and work with campus departments to connect those who have witnessed or themselves become a target of an act of bias with appropriate support and resources. The team does not and will not initiate disciplinary action or impose sanctions regarding bias incidents. Data collected will be used to develop educational and outreach programs.

To file a report please visit: Inclusive Community Assessment.

For more information please visit:

Clarion Campus

Edinboro Campus

California Campus