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Academic Leadership

Office of the Provost

The deans at Pennsylvania Western University help shape the university's vision and provide strategic input into the connections between that vision and the allocation of university resources. Deans advocate for academic and educational quality and provide guidance regarding university wide decisions affecting enrollment, academic and co-curricular programs and accreditation.

Dr. James Fisher

Interim Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs

Dr. Jacqueline Knaust

Interim Associate Provost

Dr. Bob Mehalik

Interim Associate Provost and Graduate Dean

Dr. Shayne Gervais

Associate Vice President for Academic Services and University Registrar


Sheila Taylor

Executive Assistant to the Provost
Office: Edinboro Campus, Reeder Hall 138
Phone: 814-732-2729
Email: smtaylor@pennwest.edu

Dawn Dillen

Executive Assistant to the Provost
Office: Edinboro Campus, Reeder Hall 138
Phone: 814-732-2729
Email: ddillen@pennwest.edu

Bethann Grolemund

Executive Assistant to the Provost
Office: Clarion Campus, Founders Hall 220
Phone: 814-393-2413
Email: bgrolemund@pennwest.edu

Jill Stein

Administrative Assistant
Office: California Campus, Dixon Hall 401
Phone: 724-938-4407
Email: stein_j@pennwest.edu

Mailing Address:

Mailbox: 4
Pennsylvania Western University
250 University Ave
California, PA 15419-1341
Phone: 814-732-2729

PennWest Deans

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Student Support & Athletics

College of Education, Arts and Humanities

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Library and Information Science
Visual & Performing Arts

Health Sciences & Human Services

Communication Sciences & Disorders
Exercise, Health, and Sport Sciences
Nursing & Health Professions
Psychology, Counseling, & Art Therapy
Social Work, Sociology, and Human Services

Science, Technology & Business

Biology, Earth, and Environmental Sciences
Business, Economics & Communication
Chemistry, Mathematics & Physics
Computing and Engineering Technology