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Unit Text

Unit Text

Individual colleges and departments may use their name underneath the PennWest University lockup in specific instances, such as promotional items, awards and displays. These variations are not intended as replacements for the primary PennWest University lockup in stationery, official correspondence and marketing materials.

The unit text name should always appear in the Gibson Regular typeface in PennWest Blue at a cap height that is equal to half the height of the lower case letters in “PennWest.” The name should always be centered under the PennWest lockup, positioned below the word “University” at a distance equal to the cap height of the unit text itself.

PennWest University Colleges

Somerset and Venango Locations

Somerset and Venango locations of PennWest Clarion have custom lockups that include the location name as unit text. These lockups may be used in stationery, official correspondence and marketing materials for those specific locations. The name of each location is purposely larger than the names of PennWest colleges and departments.

PennWest Clarion SomersetPennWest Clarion Venango