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Primary Lockup

The primary lockup is the full-color horizontal orientation shown here. The lockup includes a compass symbol with the left arrow extended in a westward direction, becoming the crossbar of the lower case “t.” Inside the compass is a keystone representing the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania with the west side highlighted.

Campus and Global Online Lockups

Certain marketing and communications materials will require the use of a campus-specific version of the PennWest lockup. Those items will be determined on an on-going basis by the Department of Marketing and Communications based upon institutional strategy. Any on-campus branding such as banners, signage, etc. may use the appropriate campus-specific lockup.

The Global Online version of the PennWest lockup should be used for all marketing and communications materials related to the Global Online campus.

Pennsylvania Western Lockup

The Pennsylvania Western University lockup is reserved for official academic ceremonial materials such as diplomas and Commencement programs. The use of this lockup must be approved by the Department of Marketing and Communications.

Stacked Wordmarks

PennWest wordmarks may be used at the discretion of the Department of Marketing and Communications in place of lockups. Examples of usage include imprint areas that would be better served with this format, usage on athletics materials that would complement an athletics lockup, etc.

Long Wordmarks

Long versions of PennWest wordmarks are reserved for extreme horizontal imprint areas on pens, signage etc. All uses of long wordmarks must be approved by the Department of Marketing and Communications.


It is acceptable to use brandmarks as individual design elements. This includes the graphic unique to each mark used both separately and within the compass. Brandmarks can be used as complements to lockups within a print or electronic publication, but not as replacements for lockups. Using only the compass without a graphic inside is not acceptable, as outlined in the Incorrect Logo Use section. All usage of brandmarks as separate design elements must be approved by the Department of Marketing and Communications.