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Incorrect Logo Use

Correct usage of all marks is critical to building and maintaining a successful brand identity. All usage of PennWest marks must follow the standards established in this Brand Style Guide. As a general rule, do not alter, separate, reposition or recreate lockups, wordmarks or brandmarks in any way. The following pages provide some examples of unacceptable usage, however please consult the Department of Marketing and Communications with any questions.

PennWest University correct logo example

Do not alter colors.

PennWest University logo correct color example

Do not remove the graphic from inside of the compass.

PennWest California correct logo example

Do not distort marks.

PennWest logos correct sizing examples

Do not rotate marks.

PennWest University logo rotation rule examples

Do not alter fonts.

PennWest Edinboro correct logo example

Do not use compass separately without an approved graphic inside.

Correct PennWest University logo example

Do not combine PennWest marks with official athletic branding. The California, Clarion and Edinboro campuses will continue to maintain separate athletic brand style guides.

Correct PennWest Clarion logo example