Pennsylvania Western University is partnering with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education and Google on a new public-private career certificate program.

Gov. Josh Shapiro Tuesday announced the partnership, which makes industry-recognized Google Career Certificates available to students and the public to help them secure good-paying jobs.

This new public-private partnership will enable State System students to earn a Google Career Certificate during their regular undergraduate programs, allowing them to earn college credit and an industry-recognized certificate at the same time.

To support continuing education efforts, PennWest and State System universities can also offer credentials to the public, through non-credit courses and workshops, giving those who complete the program access to Google’s employer consortium.

“It’s time for a blueprint for higher education focused on competitiveness and workforce development, one that is grounded in access and affordability,” Shapiro said.

The State System is the first higher-education system in Pennsylvania to partner with Google to offer Google Career Certificates. The program offers skills training in the fields of cybersecurity, data analytics, digital marketing & e-commerce, business intelligence, IT support, project management and user experience (UX) design, with no experience required.

PennWest joins Commonwealth, East Stroudsburg, Indiana, Kutztown, Millersville, Shippensburg and Slippery Rock in the initial Google phase.

“Offering Google Career Certificates along with our own undergraduate courses prepares students with the comprehensive education and specific skills that employers want,” said Cynthia Shapira, chairperson of the State System Board of Governors. “Additionally, non-students can prepare for entry-level jobs with the option to continue earning more advanced credentials or pursue a four-year degree.”

For more information about Google’s Career Certificates program, visit Google Career Certificates on the State System website or Grow with Google.