Students in PennWest California’s Professional Golf Management program are giving lessons to Cal students and staff as part of the program’s curriculum.

The lessons are part of the program’s Golf for Business and Life course. The course, designed by Professor James “JR” Pond and the faculty of the PGM program, was developed to give PGM students first-hand experience in the business side of golf to hone their skills before they enter the golf workforce.

“The lessons give our students valuable experience in the business aspect of golf,” Pond said. “From developing a lesson plan to teaching their students, the experience they get from helping the Cal community is something that they can take with them when they begin their career in golf.”

About 24 million Americans play golf, one of the world’s most popular sports. PennWest California’s advanced golf performance training program is designed for golf industry professionals and human movement specialists who want to work with golfers of all ages and abilities.

Students learn key aspects of human movement science as it relates to golf swing mechanics, fitness, and conditioning techniques specific to the game. Program graduates can use their skills to consult, train and create safe, effective strength and conditioning programs for people who play golf at the highest level, and to extend playing years for older golfers.

Open to students, faculty, and staff of PennWest for a $10 donation to the PGM program per session, the lessons are custom-tailored to the player’s needs, ranging from swing mechanics and proper form to reading of situations and mental thought process.

“This is Professional Golf Management’s version of student teaching,” Pond added. “Just like a teacher needs that experience before they go into a classroom, our students need the experience before they go into a clubhouse to help others enjoy the game of golf.”