As PennWest continues the spring 2024 semester and prepares for the fall term, the Office of the Registrar has shared the following information about course scheduling and registration.

Registration is broken down into the following groups:

  • Doctoral and graduate-level students – April 1
  • Undergraduate students with priority registration – April 1
  • Seniors (students with 90+ earned hours) – April 3
  • Juniors (students with 60-89 earned hours) – April 5
  • Sophomores (students with 30-59 earned hours) – April 8
  • Freshmen (students with 0-29 earned hours) – April 10

Students who are unsure of their registration date can visit the MyPennWest portal, click on the Registration link in Student Profile and click on Prepare for Registration to see registration start date.

Registration groups are determined by earned hours and do not include current spring 2024 registration.

Any hold, preventing registration (financial, bookstore, advising) must be resolved prior to registration.

For additional guidance on how to register for courses, visit the Registrar’s webpage, reach out to representatives via the chat assistant located on the bottom right of our home page, or email