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This year’s Black History Month theme highlights the importance of African Americans and allies coming together as a collective force. It recognizes that when we stand united, we have the power to create positive change, overcome adversity, and build a better future for all. By embracing our shared history and supporting one another, we can harness the strength of our community to uplift and empower each other.

Events Calendar

"Preparing for The Moment(s)!"

Description: Inspired by a culmination of profound messages from speeches and sermons of Martin Luther King, Jr., Dr. Anthony Kane will lead a thought-provoking conversation calling us to recognize and prepare for personal moments of action in pursuit of an inclusive and equitable society.

Presenter: Dr. Anthony Kane ’11 M’12, assistant vice president of Student Affairs and Dean of Students, St. Vincent College

When: Feb. 1

Time 6 p.m.

Location: Zoom

"A Different World: Black Americans & Labor History"

Description: A 3-part presentation/discussion reviewing the history of race relations among miners in West Virginia, particularly focusing on the worst industrial disaster in American history the Hawk's Nest Tunnel Disaster (1930-1931).

Presenter: Dr. Codie Stone, assistant professor, PennWest University

When: February 5, 7, 9

Time: 10-11 a.m.

Location: Hybrid: In-person, Natali Performance Center, PennWest California Campus | Zoom

"Frederick Douglass: Progress Through Struggle"

Description: In honor of Frederick Douglass’ birthday, which is celebrated on Feb. 14,  log on to hear one of his renowned speeches, "Progress Through Struggle," a message that still holds true today.  

Presenter: Dr. Joseph Croskey, associate professor, PennWest University

When: Feb. 14

Time: Noon

Location: Zoom

"Zuzu African Acrobats"

Description: The Zuzu Acrobats are a Tanzanian troupe who base their performances on 2000 years of history, celebrating their niche culture of Dar Es Salaam through jaw dropping acrobatics, live music, singing, and dancing.

When: 6 p.m., February 19 ̶ 21

  • Feb. 19 – California Campus, Natali Performance Center
  • Feb. 20 – Clarion Campus, Gemmell MPR
  • Feb. 21 – Edinboro Campus, Cole Memorial Auditorium