PennWest faculty members in the Department of Social Work, Sociology and Human Services are participating in a panel discussion, outlining the advancement of diversity, equity and inclusion through pedagogy and research.

Dr. Stephanie Diez-Morel, associate professor based on the Edinboro campus, will moderate “Pedagogical & Research Approaches to Fostering Belonging” from 5-6 p.m., Thursday, April 11 on Zoom.

PennWest employees, students and the public are welcome to join the free event, which will showcase applicable information and processes for DEI.

Dr. Azadeh Masalehdan Block, associate professor based at the California campus, will present a brief student-centered activity for teaching cognitive dissonance as a primer for DEI conversations. Block has been a member of the California faculty since 2015.

Dr. Martha McClintock-Comeaux, professor at the California campus, will discuss mindful movements toward intrapersonal antiracism, diversity, equity and inclusion – from assumptions and judgements to curiosity and empathy. A licensed social worker and therapist, McClintock-Comeaux has taught at California since 2007.

Dr.  Shraddha Prabu, assistant professor at the Edinboro campus and PennWest student Gabe Genua will discuss intentional and proactive approaches to dismantling cis-normativity in teaching and learning environments. Genua also serves as an outreach coordinator and case manager for the Central Outreach Wellness Center in Erie.

Dr. Jeffrey Tienes (assistant) and Dr. Jane Schuchert Walsh (associate), both assistant professors at the Clarion campus, will present their research insights in decoding viral racism on the popular social media app TikTok. Tienes joined Clarion’s faculty in 2016, while Walsh joined in 2012.