There is never a cloud in the sky, and the temperature is always just right at the PennWest Edinboro and Clarion planetariums, which are once again offering in-person, on-campus shows for fall 2022.


Dr. David Hurd, director of the PennWest Edinboro Planetarium, is excited to once again offer face-to-face interaction. Programming at the planetarium, located in Cooper Hall 169, 230 Scotland Road on Edinboro’s campus, begins at 7 p.m. Sept. 8 with “The Sky above Edinburgh... or is that Edinboro?”


Clarion faculty member Dr. Sharon Montgomery provides education to faculty, students and the public as star gazers have an opportunity to see their favorite constellations at any hour of the day. Programming at Clarion kicks off at 7 p.m. on Sept. 1 and 2 with “Stars Over Clarion.”


Clarion’s Peirce Planetarium – located in the Grunenwald Science and Technology Center – offers a glimpse of the stars and planets of the night sky with its 40-foot dome, one of the largest in the state. The planetarium, located on Greenville Avenue on Clarion’s campus, is handicapped-accessible.


All planetarium programs begin at 7 p.m., unless otherwise noted. Edinboro’s observatory will be open for viewing after each program –weather permitting.


Programs are free for both campuses, with reservations required at Edinboro. Call (814) 732-2492 or visit Edinboro Planetarium for reservations.


Fall 2022 Planetarium Schedule


**Thursday, Sept. 1 |Friday, Sept. 2 (All ages)

“Stars Over Clarion”

The Department of Applied Engineering, Technology, and Physics will present “Stars Over Clarion,” a tour of the September night sky. The 50-minute presentation will highlight the month’s brightest stars and most important celestial happenings. Free and open to all.


*Thursday, Sept. 8(All ages)

“The Sky Above Edinburgh... or is That Edinboro... or What Difference Does it Make Anyway?”

Come and explore the similarities and differences of the night skies between these two fabled locales. Do they see what we see? Do we see what they see? Guests will also view some Celtic-based constellations.


*Monday, Sept. 26(All ages)

“Legends of the Night Sky”

The epic battle between two foes plays out at the Edinboro Planetarium. Who will be a winner? You will if you join us for this program.  


*Monday, Oct. 31(All ages)

“Lights Out!”  

No tricks, just treats for this sight and sound extravaganza featuring our full color lasers. Warning: The program features bright and strobing lights with loud music and is not intended for individuals prone to seizures or sensory issues.


*Monday, Nov. 14(Ages 1-10)

6 p.m.

“World at Night”

This children's program introduces young explorers to the planetarium and stars. A tour of our museum and coloring opportunities will follow.


*Tuesday, Nov. 29 |Monday, Dec. 5 (Ages 12 and up)

7 p.m. (Both dates) and 8:30 p.m. (Tuesday only)

“Star of Wonder”

Our signature Christmas show is so popular that we're offering two nights of holiday fun. Why do we celebrate winter when we do? Why do Christians celebrate Christ's birth on Dec.25? Why does Santa go south for the winter? Are any of these related? Sign up for this program and enjoy the holiday season with the Edinboro Planetarium. Make reservations early.


**Peirce Planetarium, PennWest Clarion

*Edinboro Planetarium, PennWest Edinboro